My name is Tyler Le and I am an illustrator based in Jersey City, NJ. I work mostly in editorial but also find myself working on many different types of projects! My work thrives in a sci-fi and tech driven world with grainy textures, surreal ideas, and futuristic aspects.

Currently I am a Story Art Fellow over at Insider inc. creating photo heavy collages, static illustrations, and animated illustrations for their daily articles!

Apart from all of the formal stuff you can typically find me at your local bar/arcade mash up trying to put high scores on the screen and binge watching any Sci-Fi or Western television show!

Feel free to reach out about business inquiries or to just say Hi!


List of clients: The New York Times, Insider.inc, Go/Media, Addvent, GardenSpot Village, Pennsylvania College of Art and Design, and more to come!

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